Thursday, December 04, 2008

Wine Industry News

As reported by Wine & Spirits Daily"


Tomorrow (Friday, Dec. 5) marks the 75th anniversary of Prohibition Repeal, but Discus says a handful of states continue to suffer from Prohibition-era attitudes against alcohol that "punish consumers and small business owners across the country -- especially during this economic downturn."

Fifteen states still ban Sunday spirits sales at package stores. Seven states ban all forms of spirits tastings, while another 7 states continue some form of a ban on the sale of alcohol on Election Days.

"Consumers deserve and are increasingly demanding more convenience," Dicus president Peter Cressy said, adding that states are repealing Blue Laws as a means to increase revenue without raising taxes. Since 2002, 13 states have repealed Sunday sales bans.

"As America marks this historic Anniversary of Prohibition Repeal, let's raise a toast to those states who took a stand 75 years ago against one of the biggest policy debacles in American history," he concluded"