Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Run for Fun?!?

Whenever I think of running for exercise or pretty much for anything other than running for your life...I think of that one part in Back to the Future Part III where Doc Brown is in the Saloon near the end of the movie. He explains the future to three drunk guys. He says people run for recreation, and the drunk man responds with "Run for fun? What kind of fun is that?" Haha

Although, I would like to mention a couple of fellow co-workers here at the winery who do just that! Melinda and Michelle ran the Monterey Bay Half Marathon together. Melinda finishing in 2:18 and Michelle finishing 2:09. If I ran it, I might be reaching the finish line right about the time I am writing this blog. No joke. :) I hope I don't get in trouble but Michelle is half as young as Melinda...and pretty close times. That's inspirational! We all should be so lucky to be as in shape and fit as Melinda.

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