Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Cards and wine...mmm

Great Plains Cattle Co., a part of Ameristar Casino in Kansas City, MO, now offers Chateau Julien Cabernet Sauvignon by the glass. Enjoy a great steak with your bottle of wine, and try your luck at the slots after your meal.

This warm, uniquely designed restaurant takes its inspiration from the frontier towns of the Great Plains - combining the rich style of a 19th century steakhouse with the rustic look of the great stockyards. The menu is certainly grand enough for a cattle baron. Among the most wanted items are Snakebites, a fried rattlesnake appetizer, colossal onion rings, buffalo rib eye and the hefty 20-ounce Bone-In Prime Rib. There's also a refined chicken with wild mushrooms and a well-chosen wine list. A private dining room may be reserved and there's a cozy, separate 72-seat lounge.

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