Monday, June 12, 2006

What to look for on a vineyard

Château Julien Estate
High 66 Low 52
Mostly Cloudy

Lockwood Valley Vineyard
High 74 Low 50
Mostly Sunny

At this stage of the vineyard, the vines have grown quite a bit. It's beginning the summer months where traditionally there is longer sunlight exposure and drier conditions. Walking the vineyards we look at the lenght of the shoots. Since bud break was approx March, it appears the shoots (therefor canes) have good healthy growth. Look at the color of the leaves: nice bright green, no yellowing. Look for any signs of mildew (grey powder). The canes and leaves are free of mildew, because we are very diligant in sulfuring (a naturally occurring, environmentally correct, friendly, stable, nothing-Sierra-Club-wrong with it) compound. It was a very wet spring, so the big challenge this year, so far, is preventing mildew. (Causes sriveling of leaves and/or berries). Flowering on clusters, and fruit set are also important.

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