Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Vine Chronicles - Week 30 (October 14, 2007)

Just an update:
West section 17.6
House section 17.6
East section 19.6

If it continues at this rate we could pick the west and house sections for Rosato and maybe the east for red, posssibly on the same day. Remember these are 2 different clones, different rootstocks and the east side is warmer, due to the sandier/rockier soil.

I spoke to Larry Bettiga. He said that the cluster count varies drastically between varieties, clones and farming techniques.
In general though, Napa Cabernet that is getting about $2000/ton would have a crop load of about 10-15 clusters/vine, usually achieved through extensive thinning. This is 1-1.5 clusters/shoot or spur. Most growers in Monterey receiving about $900/ton for Cabernet would probably be farming at aproximately 5 tons/acre in order for it to be financially feasible to farm.

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