Friday, March 28, 2008

Chateau Julien introduces "Black Nova"

Planning in the wine business can take years. This project is certainly one of them. Inspired by Bill Anderson during the harvest of 2006, Bill had a thought. I am sure that Bill was as nervous as anyone can be to walk into the owners' office and tell them he is combining the harvest Zinfandel with the harvest Syrah. Has anyone ever made a combination of those grapes together? The color of the wine and the steep intensity of flavor caused Bill to fight for his plan. Today, the wine is bottled and the only thing I can tell you ---- This wine is GREAT!


RT said...

My wonderful girlfriend bought me a bottle of the Black Nova for my birthday last year. We tried it on our tour of the winery over the summer and were blown away at the taste, but also were blown away by the tannin levels. How long should this beauty ideally be cellared?

ChateauJulien said...

RT - This wine will live for a long time. Suggest, due to the tannins, you hold and enjoy this bottle over a ten year (from now) anniversary! By the way, Black Nova II will be bottled in March of 2009. This will be another blockbuster and a wine to be remembered! Thanks for the post!