Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Is your Wine - Too Smokey?

As reported by "Wine & Spirits Daily"

October 22, 2008

Smoke Taint Abroad

California is not the only wine grape producing region that has faced smoke taint in recent years. Australian vintners, Canadians and producers from Greece, among others, have reported brushfires which some scientists warn could get worse in the future as the climate changes. Exposed wine grapes run the risk of passing the flavor to wine, resulting in a not-so-pleasant product that is described as tasting like smoked meat.

Scientists are focusing their attention on smoke taint and ways to prevent it. An article in ABC news claims a variety of solutions are now on trial, including vine sprays and reverse osmosis. One thing scientists recently learned: grape leaves are most likely responsible for absorbing the smoke, although the skin of the grapes was initially considered the gateway.

Causes for alarm began with the 2003 brushfires in southern Australia and were heightened after Napa Valley faced its own brush fires this summer, which is now beginning to show effects in California wine.

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