Monday, January 19, 2009

Great Survey - Nice Date


Women are more likely to order a glass of wine at a restaurant to save money, according to a new survey conducted by Women & Wine and Full Glass Research. About 40,000 women averaging 29-44 were surveyed via social networks and Women & Wine subscribers, with 72% claiming they always or almost always order wine at a sit-down dinner. However, a majority of 70% said bottle prices were too high and that ordering by the glass was a good inexpensive way to enjoy wine in a restaurant. Thirty-two percent said they would scale back on their wine purchases in restaurants because of the economy, while 55% stated that they are comfortable bringing their own bottle and paying a corkage fee.

The study concluded "that while this economy presents challenges to all of us, there is a real opportunity for restaurants to gain loyalty from customers by listening to their requests for more diverse wines by the glass, educating the service staff on the wines and the etiquette of serving them and giving loyal customers an opportunity to bring their own bottle if they choose."

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