Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This is funny! I suggest he call his insurance company!

This email was received by the Wine Estate:

Recipient: Other
First Name: Sid
State: OR
Country: US
Fax: - no data -
Comments: I received a bottle of wine as a gift a short while ago and when I opened it up it was 'Rank'. It was kept in a wine cooler. It is a 2005 Chateau Julien Cabernet S. with barcode 016299144103. I still have the bottle and contents.
Have you visited?: - no data -

This was our response!!!!

Hi Sid,

Good afternoon!

Thank you for your inquiry. Your gift giver certainly chose a lovely bottle of wine to give you as a gift. This wine has received numerous awards and accolades. I have not heard of any other complaints. Once the wine leaves the winery premises I can't guarantee how the wine will be stored. A red wine in a very cold cooler certainly can turn the wine a different color and flavor. I don't know what "rank" is, but I get the feeling it is something you don't care for very much.

Your best bet is to send a thank you note and move on. I once received a broken bracelet as a gift, but didn't have the heart to let the giver know.



Mike Duffy said...

You probably want to remove the person's personal information (address and phone, at least).

Anonymous said...

Do you guys get any customer service training? Maybe need a refresher....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. This clearly states how little you value your customers. Chateau Julien is one less brand I will support. There are far too many choices anyway.

Ed Muns said...

This is anything but "funny". I suggest you take a remedial course in customer service.

Whenever I hear about any kind of problem for any reason with a bottle of my wine, I immediately offer a replacement, no questions asked. I relish opportunities like this to demonstrate my commitment to customer satisfaction.

Ed Muns
Muns Vineyard

Anonymous said...

You really ought to stop embarrassing yourself and pull this unfunny post - it's not doing you any favors.

Anonymous said...

As a wine buyer for a grand award wine program, I can guarantee you that I will not be purchasing your wine ever.
In these hard economic times it is amazing that you would a. be such a douche, and b. think its okay to even post this crap and think we would be on your side.
what an ass.

Anonymous said...

is your employer aware that you destroyed what could have been a life-long customer relationship?

1WineDude said...

As a former boss of mine once said:

"NOT a good response."

I really hope this was a joke of some type?

Anonymous said...

People who have enough time in their day to complain about something as small as this harmless response need to either get a job or just move on with their life! It is seriously pathetic how one can juge Chateau Juliens customer service off of a hilarious response. GET REAL! And if you really wanted this taken off the blog you shoud reveal you name and not hide behind your fake tough facade.