Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Winner - 1st Place Award at Concorso d'Eleganza

Alright, just being invited by Piero Farrari, was enough for most of us. This was the 60th Anniversary party of the creation of Ferrari. Not only did I get the opportunity to speak with Piero, I got to race behind him through Tuscany on Friday the 22nd. The extreme good news was receiving the Class 7 award for 1st place. The cars were from all over the world and this was an incredible award for the car. The competition was all the 275-GTS, 365-GTS and 365 - California Spyder automobiles from the 60's. Because I have not posted to the blog for a week, I will start at the end and fill you in during the next week. The award was presented by Gerheardt Berger (F-1 Driver from the 90's) and his wife.

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