Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Good News for the Wine Industry

As reported by Wine & Spirits Daily "SENATE AIMS TO BOOST US TOURISM. Tourism to the U.S. has suffered since 9/11, reports the AP, but several Senators are taking steps to reverse the trend. The Senate Commerce Committee has approved a bill (SB 1661) to establish a nonprofit public-private corporation to promote the US as a tourist destination and clear up misperceptions about US travel policies. It also would create a new office in the Commerce Department to help fix visa policies and entry processes that discourage visits.

Besides increasing alcohol beverage sales in hotels and restaurants, more tourism in the US could help improve wine and spirit exports to other countries by introducing tourists to our native wines and spirits brands. It could also help bump tourism in already hotspots like Napa, Sonoma and the Kentucky bourbon trail. "

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