Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Time for some Water Politics

The campaign to elect Bob Brower for Water Board has begun. Today, Kristin Horton, signed on as Treasurer of the campaign. Hopefully, tomorrow, I will file the State and county forms that will allow us to begin requesting campaign contributions.

My position for candadicy to the Water Board is to obtain or protect the following:

1) A replacement water supply that reduces the amount of water "take" form the Carmel Valley Watershed.

2) To protect the endangered steelhead and other endangered species in the Carmel Valley river basin.

3) To protect our Carmel Valley River environment.

4) Improve all efforts for "Conservation of Water"

I will keep you updated on how our campaign is going!


Anonymous said...

You are a real phony. With all of the garbage that you pulled to get your party house, and the environmental damage that you caused until you were required to fix it you have a real nerve running for anything.

Your reputation already is soiled: why do you want to make things worse?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Brower for giving up more of your precious time to serve the community. For nearly 30 years you have volunteered your experience to many local and national organizations. Your leadership and dedication will certainly be an asset to the Water Board. You have my vote!