Friday, July 04, 2008

Back to Italy and now Germany! June 2008

Pictures can tell a thousand words, but I have to tell you about this trip. I left San Francisco on Tuesday and flew to New York where I boarded a flight to Milan. After early arrival in Milan (thanks to American Airlines) I drove 3 1/2 yours to Mugello. There I caught up with the Ferrari F-1 Cliente group and spent the rest of the day with track activities (some with Benjamin De Rothschild (yes the wine guy). After a few hours rest, we (Tony, Kevin, Walter and I) took off for Florence. We encountered a huge traffic jam (highway was closed for almost 2 hours) and Kevin Weeda got out of his car and walked to the next exit where, due to a kind truck driver, he met with a Taxi to take him to the airport. The rest of us, just waited until the road was open again and drove, like crazy, to Florence. There we boarded a plane to Frankfurt to look at the F3000 car that was supposed to be at the track (long story). The drive (provided by Walter Rossing) was down the autobahn at lightning speeds. We arrived near Koln and viewed a great F3000, 500 HP racing car. Then back to Frankfurt, return to Milan and after a few hours sleep back to San Francisco via Chicago. All of this in 4 days! Can you do it?

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