Monday, April 30, 2012

3 Tips for Wine Tasting

I wanted to blog some great information from the May issue of Wine Enthusiast.  This is taken from an article by Ryan Hamilton. You can read more great articles here:

Three easy wine tasting tips that will
ensure you have a great experience.

I think the last line of number 3 is important “Have Fun”!

1. Eat a big breakfast at least two hours before your tasting. You should avoid strong -flavors; so don’t eat anything spicy or garlicky. Forego coffee if you can, and don’t smoke before your tour: That’s the worst thing you can do to your palate. Drink a lot of water between tasting wines, and don’t be shy to use a spittoon. Bring a note pad to take tasting notes, focusing on appearance, nose, palate and conclusions. Make it fun and give it a -personal score so you can remember which wines you liked best. The ideal time for wine tasting is 10 am to midday, when your palate is clean and fresh.
2. Focus on small producers rather than big, commercial wineries. With smaller wineries, you’ll get a more intimate experience. Make sure to call ahead (or have your tour guide do so) to make sure the winemakers are expecting you. Chateau Julien has a couple tours each day for only $7 or free with your wine tasting. As the only fully operating winery, you should definitely check out our vine to wine experience!
3. Hire a driver or have a designated one. You don’t have to overdo it, but if you’re making a day of it, you’ll want to sit down to a nice lunch and learn about pairing foods with the wines you’re drinking. It just makes for a more relaxed and educational experience. Most importantly? Enjoy the culture, and have fun.

Don’t forget Chateau Julien is accessible on the Grape Vine Express!  Walk or taxi to the nearest bus stop and head on down to our tasting room.

I'd love to hear from you about what you think is important to remember when wine tasting?

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