Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Winner of the SUPER SALAD SPECTACULAR: Adam Armstrong

For many years our proprietor, Patty Brower has organized a "Super Salad Spectacular". A friendly competition amongst the staff to share our favorite recipes. This year we saw everything from a healthy fruit salad to...I kid you not...a shockingly delicious, cool whip-snicker bar-green apple "salad"!! Thank you Kevin for this bizarre and tasty North Dakota treat! This year our winner is Adam Armstrong. Adam is the manager of our Private Group Tours and is sharing his award winning taco salad with you today:

Trader Joes's Pollo Asado
Salsa (Trader Joe's garlic chipotle)
Trader Joe's Cowboy Caviar
Romaine Hearts
Tortilla Chips
Mexican Cheese Blend
diced tomatoes

1. Simmer the Pollo Asado on the stove top for several minutes.
2. Chop it up!
3. Add 3 large spoonfuls of salsa & 2 large spoonfuls of Cowboy Caviar.
4. Spoon mixture into a glass container and top with diced tomatoes.
5. Refrigerate overnight to allow all the flavors to fully develop
6. Before you serve, top it with chopped romaine hearts, chicken, crushed tortilla chips and Mexican cheese.

Adam recommends this delicious taco salad with Chateau Julien "Sure Lie" Chardonnay.
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