Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Did you know about the Headache?

According to Wine & Spirits Daily on April 2, 2007 "THE RED WINE HEADACHE, ONE OF LIFE'S LITTLE MYSTERIES. Many people claim they can't drink red wine because it gives them a headache ...., but there is still no proof for why that happens. However, recent evidence from the University of California at Davis suggests the headaches are caused by histamines in the wine stemming from malolactic fermentation (the conversion of tart malic acid to lactic acid). Smaller, more upscale wineries that prefer to allow the fermenatation happen naturally, produce a higher level of histamine, while larger scale wineries that use laboratory equipment to make things happen have a lower level of histamine. Only a few white wines undergo this type of fermentation."

Long story short - If you can't drink red wine try the white!

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