Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thomas Jefferson's White House

On the subject of "Did you Know" ??? President Jefferson turned the White House into the most interesting social center of the new city. His staff included two Frenchmen; to administer the White House, Jefferson hired Etienne Lemaire and, as his chef, 42 year old Honore Julien.... He dined at four o'clock, and they generally sat and talked until night. "Dinners were lavish and were prepared by Chef Julien on a large coal-burning stove. Diplomats and politicians were treated at the President's house to menus that included "rice, soup, round of beef, turkey, mutton, ham, loin of veal, cutlets of mutton, fried eggs, fried beef, a pie called macaroni which appeared to be a rich brown crust... a great variety of fruit, plenty of wines and good," according to Federalist Senator Cutler.

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